Smythe Park Turtle Watch is entirely volunteer-run. We need your help. We welcome all ages and abilities. Please join us!

Our main activities take place in May and June when turtles are nesting, and later in August when some turtle eggs hatch.

Photo credit: Maggie Dunlop

Ways to volunteer

In the park

  • Turtle look out: stroll in the park in the early mornings and late afternoons to report nesting turtles
  • Turtle doula: come and sit and wait for a turtle to finish laying her eggs
  • Nest protector: come to the park and put down a nest protector after the turtle has left her eggs
  • Water watcher: monitor water quality
  • Road monitor: monitor Black Creek Trail (the road in Smythe Park) and Scarlett Rd for roadkill, to build evidence of need for animal safety protections
  • Nest protector host: keep a stash of nest protectors in your yard that volunteers can pick up if they need to protect a nest. (For those who live close to a park entrance, e.g., Edinburgh Court but also Black Creek Blvd, Haney Ave, Clairton Crescent)
  • Nest protector builder: participate in building of nest protectors
  • Photographer: take photos of turtles, the park and Turtle Watch events to share on social media

At home

  • Social media contributor: manage one or more social media accounts
  • Social event organizer: bring the community together with turtle-themed events
  • Grant writer: apply for funding opportunities

How to get involved

Fill out this form to share your interest. Someone will contact you to get you connected and participating. We look forward to meeting you!

Photo credit: Maggie Dunlop